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Brookdale Summer Pasture Tour August 30

POSTED: Friday, August 11, 2017 | 3:41 pm

The public is invited to attend the Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives Summer Pasture Tour August 30 at the Brookdale Research Farm.

Learn how MBFI's research can be applied to your farm:

  • Graze Anatomy: Improve profitability, animal performance and pastures;
  • Learn about the power of perennials to capture water by
    observing simulated rainfall travel over and through soil;
  • Learn how to make your soil work for your farm and your livestock and
  • Setting up for the BMPs ahead, learn how to manage shelterbelts,
    eco-buffers, riparian areas and more

Summer Pasture Tour Agenda

Brookdale Summer Tour Poster

Low Stress Workshops

Creating Connections Low Stress Cattle Handling Workshops

POSTED: Thursday, September 21, 2017 | 11:19 AM

Join Us For The Creating Connections Low Stress Handling Workshops at MBFI’s Brookdale Research Farm • Women’s Cattle Producer Workshop, October 19• Cattle Producer Workshop, October 27 (October 27 Session Open to All Producers)• Both workshops include an introduction to the Creating ConnectionsProgram and classroom training followed by a hands-on session in MBFI’scattle handling facility where participants can put the training into practice.• Each session is open to just 25 participants so book your spot fast!• Call 204-622-2006 to register. The ...more

Sign up for the MBFI Mailing List

POSTED: Thursday, August 10, 2017 | 3:26 PM

Keep up to date on Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives news and upcoming events by signing up for the MBFI mailing list.

Once you sign up by sending an email to you will receive notifications on events at our three research farms and information on research that can be applied to your operation. 

Soil Workshop Poster

Soil Health Workshop July 27

POSTED: Friday, July 21, 2017 | 3:44 PM

Join Us For A Hands-On Soil HealthWorkshop for Producers Get your hands dirty and learn about assessing soil health from some of Manitoba’s experts. • Learn how to reduce variability in soil testing and how to interpret soil testresults.• Participants will receive soil testing supplies for home use, along with an invitation to a follow-up workshop to review their results.Get insight about soilaggregate stability, soil organic matter and more.• The workshop is limited to 25 participants. A possible workshop on July 28may be considered to accommodate demand. Cost is $25 (must reg ...more

Grasslands and Croplands Have Different Microbial Biomass Carbon Levels per Unit of Soil Organic Carbon

POSTED: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 | 2:37 PM

Congratulations to Terence P. McGonigle and William G. Turner, both of Brandon University, on having their paper Grasslands and Croplands Have Different Microbial Biomass Carbon Levels per Unit of Soil Organic Carbon published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. Manitoba Beef & Forage Initiatives is proud to have provided financial support for the study. The results of this study provided guidance on the design and implementation of further research on the MBFI farm.  To read the full report please ...more





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